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Paul Cantor leaves a lasting legacy of of impact and joy to York students

Paul Cantor.
Paul Cantor.

Paul Cantor was an alumnus of three different universities, but he always maintained that his loyalty was closely tied to York University.

Before his passing in 2018, Paul spent more than two decades serving the University. His involvement at York University began in the late 1960s, when he served as a don in a Glendon College student residence while attending law school.  Years later, Paul served on the Advisory Council of the Schulich School of Business and eventually joined the York University Board of Governors, serving for more than two decades and holding the position of Chair from 2009-2012.  Paul will be remembered for making significant contributions to York, as well as to education in Ontario.

“Paul was a tremendous champion of York University and of post-secondary education in Canada,” said Rhonda L. Lenton, York’s president and vice-chancellor. “He was an individual of deep insight and integrity, and his decades-long commitment to public service and to education benefited the University greatly.

“One of the reasons I love York is that it is a magnet for so many people from such diverse backgrounds, many of whom are the first in their family to attend university. To attend convocation and see the enthusiasm of the proud family members is really breathtaking,” said Paul after attending convocation at York for the first time.

Paul established an endowment to generate perpetual funding for a scholarship, the Paul Cantor Award, in 2000 to benefit students pursuing studies in public policy and administration. True to form, Paul took an active interest in impact, reviewing the Award’s value each year and adjusting its availability, with a goal of providing generous Awards to as many students as possible.

Paul’s legacy of generosity will inspire countless students for many generations to come.

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