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York PhD student Noah Wayne is working to make more people healthier, longer.

These days Wayne is a key figure in the newly completed Connected Health and Wellness Project which enables health coaches to communicate with patients, track their moods, exercise, eating, and counsel them in adopting healthier behaviours — all via an app.

The $38 million project is transforming Canada’s health-care system and is the result of collaboration between 19 public, private, and academic partners over two years. It was supported by contributions from multiple partners, including the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

“[The app] provides more precise understanding of what our clients eat, their blood glucose levels, emotional ups and downs, and what health behaviours they exhibit on a daily basis,” Wayne says. “All of this helps coaches guide clients to improve their health.”

Addressing the audience at his 2014 TEDx talk, Wayne says he “found a calling” when he decided to use his love of health and understanding of the body to help other people.