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Quebec resident Sophie Chamberland never thought she’d have the chance to live her dream of attending Glendon – after all, she and her family couldn’t afford out-of-province study. Fortunately for Sophie, that was before she became one of four recipients of the Ethel Harris Entrance Scholarship.

The scholarship created by Ethel Harris (MA ’73) in 2003 has received $700,000 in contributions which support Canadian unity by enabling students from Alberta, British Columbia, or Quebec to study in Ontario. Aside from having high academic standing, recipients are community leaders and volunteers studying full-time at Glendon.

“The $10,000 I received was an acknowledgement of my hard work and an indication that I am valued at Glendon,” Chamberland says. “I’m able to be at York in a program that I love only because of financial support like this.”