About thisStory

On National Philanthropy Day, I want to personally express my gratitude for your support of York University. Thanks to you, we are able to provide our students with a source of stability during this uncertain time.

Amazing things happen when diverse communities work together to tackle world issues. When York University students apply their knowledge, they have the power to make things right. This is only possible because of your support. 

Together, we have built a community of changemakers working to create a better future. Our staff, students and faculty are passionate about building a more innovative, just and sustainable world.

We are deeply grateful for the support of our alumni, donors, faculty, staff, students, the York University Alumni Board, and members of York’s Board of Governors. York would not be the place that it is today, without you.  

This year I have seen the power of philanthropy. Your impact on York University during this difficult time will be remembered for years to come. 


Jeff O’Hagan

Vice-President Advancement