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Marcia Mayhew, president and CEO of Mayhew & Associates, believes the engineers graduating from the Lassonde School of Engineering (LSE) in the coming years will dominate the business world and revolutionize the industry.

To support them and Lassonde’s 50:50 Challenge to become the first gender-balanced engineering school in Canada, she’s created the Mayhew Scholars Award. The $25,000 scholarship benefits one female student each year in Lassonde’s Mentor Program.

“At 30, I was appointed president of Mayhew and became a fourth-generation Mayhew in the design and contract furnishings industry. To deal with gender differences in the leadership community, I went out and sought advisors. My best learnings have been from mentors both female and male,” says Mayhew.

“My decision to support Lassonde’s Mentor Program is really about providing career coaching for young female engineering students. In doing so, I want to provide an outlet for female students to find their confidence and to shine.”